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Maintenance Requests

Accidents happen. Toilets clog. Pipes burst. Trees fall. Windows shatter. It may sound a bit like the plot of a bad disaster movie, but these things can and do happen often. And with unpredictable and changing weather, it’s extremely important to know what to do as a a renter.

Cora Bett Thomas Rentals and Management is a property management company. We provide services to homeowners and investors that wish to lease their property including leasing and act as a liaison between tenants and property owners. Cora Bett Thomas Rentals and Management does not own any of the properties we manage. When a tenant places a work order, we must receive approval from the owner prior to moving forward. In many cases, a work order cannot be completed the same day due to ordering parts, the pending owner approval, or the owner’s desire to replace equipment instead of repairing it.  When a work order is in the process of being resolved, you will either be contacted by one of our preferred vendors, or our maintenance supervisor.

If you have not received a response or call within 24 hours of placing a maintenance request, please contact the office at 912-234-4406.

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