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If you have an after hours emergency, please dial the office number and follow the prompts to speak with a live operator. You will receive a call back within 15-20 minutes from an office employee letting you know the progress or additional information. In most cases, we are able to get our preferred vendors out fairly quickly.  Occasionally, a vendor may need to set an appointment the next day to get the maintenance issue resolved. The operator on the hot line will determine if you have a true emergency, and if so, the operator will contact the EGL staff member on call, who will contact an emergency vendor.

An emergency is defined as a maintenance problem that will cause a safety hazard to residents, or an imminent damage to property, so that fixing it cannot wait until the next business day. A few examples would be a broken pipe, or sudden electrical short.

If there is a gas leak, call the gas company in your area first. If there is a power outage, call the electric company in your area first to see if there is a general power outage in the area (links to the gas and electric company websites can be found below). 


If you have an intruder or break in, please make sure to contact the police first, then contact the office. If you’re having an after hours noise ordinance, please also contact the police.


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